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Bit - WTP Ring Bit Extended Plate

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The WTP Ring Bit Extended Plate bit is amazing for breathing problems.The large ring runs through the tongue plate no all retaining ring required which causes pinching.The extended plate stops soft palate displacement.

Only bit in the world to stop displacement of the soft palate.

Benefits of the WTP bits include :

Stop the bit pinching the tongue.

Stop the horse getting the tongue over the bit.

Stop the tongue hanging outside the mouth.Stop the horse pulling or bolting.

Stop the horse hanging and rearing.Stop the horse headshaking.

Stop the displacement of the soft palate.

Stop abnormal respiratory noise.Provide better oxygen supply, therefore provide better speed.

Are proven to prevent bleeding at exercise (EIPH).

Are proven to improve performance.

Are proven to reduce the horses heart rate.

Act as a more effective and kind anti rearing bit.

Available in size 5" (12.5 cms)
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