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Racesafe RaceMotion 2.0

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Introduced in 2023, the latest racing model introduces MotionGuard technology to offer Jockeys level 2 protection with improved comfort, weight and performance.

✓ Ultra-light design

✓ Latest level 2 protection

✓ Enhanced flexibility

✓ Multi-foam design

✓ Advanced breathability

✓ Designed with international racing authorities

✓ Made in the UK
Safety Standard: BETA 2018 (Level 2) & EN13158:2018 Colours: Black

Materials: Breathable Net Outer 100% Polyester

Weight: From 540g

Introducing MotionGuard: Advanced Segmentation and Multi-Layered Protection

Experience unparalleled freedom of movement and exceptional comfort with our MotionGuard technology. This innovative protection system features over 100 individually hinged segments and multi-foam construction, providing riders with unmatched flexibility and performance.

True Segmentation for Ultimate Flexibility

Motion3’s authentic individually hinged segments offer unparalleled adaptability and range of motion compared to grooved designs. Each segment works independently, ensuring a precise fit and seamless movement for riders of all levels.

Innovative Multi-Foam Technology and Enhanced Breathability

This next-gen body protector incorporates different types of protective foam across various areas and layers, delivering a customised fit and enhanced comfort. Our multi-foam technology intelligently adapts to the unique needs of each body zone, providing targeted flexibility without compromising protection. The advanced breathability offered by our aerated textiles ensures a cooler and more comfortable riding experience, even in challenging conditions.

Proudly Made in the UK
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