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Racing Stirrup Irons - STS

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The STS stirrup irons are an indispensable product for all flat race jockeys. Designed using the Space Technology Safety initiative, these stirrup irons aim to improve the safety and stability of jockeys during the race while their comfort remains a top priority for manufacturers. Unlike the conventional iron, the unique platform discourages slipping of the foot and in the case of a fall reduces drag, allowing for quick release of the foot. With an extended and elevated foot bed, the studded design offers ultimate grip for the rider encouraging the heel to remain down on the horse, not only improving performance, also offering additional support to the foot preventing any extra tension on the main pressure points including knees, legs and ankles. Described as a major breakthrough and the best I have ever used by world renowned jockeys Mike Smith (USA Champion) and Joao Moreira, the STS stirrup irons are an essential item for all flat race riders and the newest must have product on the market!

Additional benefits of the STS iron include:

An optional safety strap providing supplementary support for the foot, encouraging the foot to remain in position throughout the ride. A lightweight design, essential for all flat race jockeys, the STS irons weigh 95 grams (3.3 ounces)

Comprised of the highest quality aluminium providing a hardwearing and durable stirrup for riders.

The STS irons have went through vigorous stress testing ensuring they are fit for purpose and will withstand the tension applied on the field. (See product images for Stress Test Certificate)

To clean these stirrups use toothpaste and a rag. Use a toothbrush for the platform then rinse off and shine with a rag or a microfiber cloth.
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